GG Series Tuthill Pumps



Tuthill internal-gear, positive displacement pumps are built, drawing on over 75 years of time-tested performance, flexible and innovative design, and gear pump engineering excellence.

Our tough, reliable parts, diverse product lines, and a host of customization options make Tuthill Pumps the perfect choice for almost any application. From processing, to metering, to transferring, Tuthill has a pump that can meet your needs with quality that won’t let you down.

Global Gear (GG) pumps are capable of tackling the toughest high viscosity applications and can handle everything from bulk transfer, chocolate and asphalt, to high-temperature fluids and chemical processing. The quick change gland packing / mechanical seal capability, together with the modular part assembly, makes the GG series a leading pump in versatility and design.

  • Can handle temperatures up to 316°C
  • Can provide flow rates up to 120m³/hr
  • Can overcome discharge pressures up to 13.8 Bar
  • Can handle viscosities up to 220,000cst