Cutes Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps



Cutes Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

Single Stage, Cone Design Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump. High Volume Cone Design Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump. Volumes Up To 25,000 M³/Hr

Cutes has earned its position as a leading liquid ring vacuum pump manufacturer in the world by listening to customer needs and by continuously improving the performance and reliability of our designs.

Experience has allowed us to optimize the design of every element of the pump. As a result, Cutes liquid ring vacuum pumps offer you the lowest cost of ownership available for many high demanding applications.

Cutes vacuum pumps are available with suction capacities up to 25,000 m³/h. The ultimate suction pressure of a liquid ring pump is usually limited by the vapour pressure of the sealing liquid. For a water-ring vacuum pump the lowest operating pressure will fall between 30 and 50 mbar (A).

While all liquid ring vacuum pumps operate on the same basic principles. The larger CUTES liquid ring vacuum pumps use the most popular cone design.

  • Cutes CPV Pump
  • CPV-Range (CPV-65 to CPV-450)
  • Single stage liquid ring vacuum pumps,
  • Maximum flow rate 500m³/Hr
  • Available in: cast iron, bronze, stainless steel
  • Shaft sealed with single mechanical seal*
  • Cutes CNN Range Pump
  • cutes cvp range cvp-80-cvp-130 pump
  • CNN-Range (CNN-2000 to CNN-9000)
  • Single stage liquid ring vacuum pumps,
  • Maximum flow rate 20,000m³/Hr
  • Available in: cast iron, nodular iron, bronze, stainless steel and also cladding and ceramic coating
  • Shaft sealed with packing, single or double mechanical seals
  • Cutes CVP Pumpcutes liquid rin 527a856ce65ff
  • CVP-Range (CVP-80 to CVP-130)
  • Single stage liquid ring vacuum pumps,
  • Maximum flow rate 24,000m³/Hr

Not available with Gland Packing