Robuschi ROBOX EL & ES Series


The Robuschi RBS is the innovative, positive displacement, rotary blower, especially designed for applications in ROBOX packages.


Blower With Baseplate, Filters, Silencers & Noise Enclosures

ROBOX is an integrated compression package for conveying low pressure gases. It is equipped with the RBS positive displacement rotary lobe blower, driven by and electric motor through a custom designed V-belt drive, and comes complete with all the necessary accessories.

The filter is positioned inside the silencer, and fitted to the blower in-let port, minimizing the possibility of contamination of the conveyed gas. ROBOX packages can handle flow rates up to 150m³/min and can be fitted with motors up to 250kW.

The ROBOX package includes: RBS blower, In-let Silencer, In-let Filter, Discharge Silencer, Motor, V-belt Drive, Safety Valve, Check Valve, Unloading Valve and Noise Enclosure with Extraction Fan and Lifting Frame.

Sentinel electronic monitoring systems available.

  • Flow rate up to 10,000m3/h
  • Motor power up to 250 KW
  • Absolute inlet pressure starting from 500 mbar
  • Maximum compression ratio, standard model: 2
  • Maximum temperature 150°C for an ambient temperature up to 50°C
  • Noise level between 70 and 85 dB (A) (1 m ISO 3746)
  • Completely ecological reactive silencers
  • Can be installed in the open